Hey everyone!

I am writing from our latest travels.  I flew into Dubai yesterday, and am now in India for the next week for work.  I am so excited!  I have never been to this area of the world before.

I thought myself to be solid traveler of sorts.  I have been around Europe a time or two, and crossed the US dozens of times.  But I have yet to be to the Middle East.  Josh (my co-worker and traveling chum) and I had to take a ton of meds and get a bunch of shots before heading to India.  So it has been a lot of work prepping for travel this time around.  Let me tell you, it has been rough.

But we have made it.  Here are just a few shots of the beautiful Dubai International Airport.

I had the great pleasure of starting to use the squatting method bathrooms.  Mercy!

It has been an experience thus far.  But this is what you do so you can better your company.  Travel to learn about your company and extend your product. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!—xoxo, Marshall.