Hey all, it’s Emma.  Marshall said I could take over the blog for the day to talk about something I was apart of a few weeks ago.  I had the very great please of talking about my experience in the University of Utah Professional MBA program from 2010-2012, at a panel for perspective students.

I got the pleasure of talking about and promoting the PMBA program and share what I learned and got out of it.  There were a lot of great questions, and it seemed like a lot of great potential students who came to the panel to get their questions answered.

I have always bragged and talked up the program to my friends and those who’ve asked, so it wasn’t super hard for me to put in my two cents.  I super loved the program, and if it wasn’t for my Masters I wouldn’t have the job I have now.  So I saw a lot of benefit, both professional and socially. But it all comes down to what you put into it, right?!

So if you’re thinking about going back, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the U of U’s PMBA program.  Here’s the link http://pmba.business.utah.edu/

Thanks for reading! 🙂