In the 1950’s you probably would have been tossed into jail for Googling somebody, but in our modern tech world most of us are doing it daily.  Google is a household name and according to recent statistics, is responsible for over 66% of all web searches.  That’s a lot of searches when you consider nearly 8 billion searches are being made daily on the web!

Google has been the dominate search engine for years now and accordingly businesses and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms are always trying to crack the code of being #1 in relevant search results.  Most companies will spend their money and efforts on improving Google rankings, but what about other popular search engines?  Although a distant 2nd, and 3rd Bing and Yahoo still collectively make up nearly 1/3 of all web searches.

So what’s the moral of our web search story?  Ignoring your results on these other popular search engines could mean you are missing out on opportunities to get more customers.  The bottom line is to be aware.  If you are testing and trying to find your business in a search engine, take the time to test ALL the major platforms.  If you have a professional SEO firm working for you, ask about their knowledge of other search engines and make sure all opportunities for getting found on the web are being exploited.

For now it doesn’t look like Google is going anywhere, but who knows, maybe someday we’ll be turning other tech terms into risqué sounding verbs.  Have a wonderful day and enjoy Binging yourself!