A “Domain” can actually mean a lot of things in the technology world but we’ll keep it simple and related to websites.  Here’s the skinny – a domain is the name of your website.   They come in different flavors like: “com”, “info”, “net”, “org”, and even country ones like “us” which is the United States.  Our company domain for example is  In order for us to use this domain we had to purchase it from a provider who can sell domain names.  The purchase is usually done in terms of years with 1 year being the least amount of time you own it.
One example of a domain provider is (a local Utah company).   Of course only one person/company can own a domain at a time so you’ll have to check with the provider to see if it is available.  If someone else owns the domain you want, there may still be an opportunity to bid or buy it from them.   This is a process which is normally managed through the same domain provider.  Once you own the domain for your website then the possibilities are endless!
When you sign up for a build your own website service like ours you get a free domain.  This free web address will always have <yourchoice> .  Most people choose to purchase a separate domain (i.e. <yourchoice>.com ) and then use our convenient website setting tools to point your purchased domain do the new website you created.  It’s really easy to do and any website builder will have good instructions or be able to do that last step for you.
Look for future postings about domains.  We’ll have more to share soon.