Web design tips often focus on what you should do to create a great website, but what about the things you are doing wrong?  Keep reading to find out if your website is an offender in any of these areas:
  1. Your site doesnt not include a “call to action”.    When visitors come to your site they should do something.  Sign up for a newsletter, watch an informational video, submit a contact form so you can follow-up, give feedback about your product or services, and much more.  A call to action is a way to interact with customers and potential customers. Don’t miss this critical piece on your landing and home pages!  See more information in our blog about reducing bounce rates
  2. Your website has images that you don’t have permission to use.  It is illegal to use images without proper permission.  Some images require you to pay for their use and some simply require that you credit the owner properly.  Don’t get slapped with costly fines – do your homework and be legal.  See our previous blog post about proper image use for more information.
  3. Web pages have overwhelming amount of text and no consistent fonts.  Use a combination of images, video, and text to convey your website message.  Overly verbose text will often go unread.  In addition keep fonts consistent and styles to a minimum.  Use only 1 or 2 nice looking fonts so as not to detract from the main website message.
  4. You use Flash for video on your pages.  This was a popular web technology years ago because of it’s interactiveness, but it can cause a number of issues.  The technology is not supported on all mobile devices, can slow down the loading of website pages, may have troubles being indexed by popular search browsers, and limits social media sharing.
  5. Important information is buried and difficult to find.  If you have a current promotion or special don’t make your site visitors click 3, 2, or even 1 times to see it.  Make sure the most important items are not just on your home or landing page but right at the top so they get it in in their first view without having to click or scroll.
These are just 5 but there are more things that may diminish the quality and usefulness of a site.   If you’ve ever seen other website flaws that drive you crazy please comment and share.