A website can do a lot of things for a company, but nothing more important than creating trust and a long term relationship with people.  Here are some simple tips to help you do just that:

  1. Regularly blog helpful, no obligation information that would genuinely be of use to your customers.  If you are a car mechanic then you could blog about how to know when to bring your car in for an oil change or how to check the tread on your tires so you know when to change them.  Help your customers and potential customers feel empowered and educate them in your field of expertise.
  2. Include a Company History/About Us section.  Every company has an interesting backstory.  Help people understand your roots and feel connected to you by sharing more about yourself.
  3. Display regular specials. If you have monthly, weekly, or even daily specials let your customers know about them on your site.  This shows that you keep your site regularly up-to-date and creates trust that keeps them coming back.
  4. Create a hub to social networks. Make sure to include links to any social media platforms where your company is active.  If you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram etc. make sure customers can easily get to them.  Those platforms provide great feedback and two-way communication mechanisms.
  5. Send a regular newsletter. Provide a mechanism for people to sign up and receive a regular email newsletter.  Newsletters are often times just a summary for blog posts and can be weekly or monthly depending on how active your blog is.  Again the idea is to give your customer useful information that empowers them.