Hey one and all!  At SquareHook we have been pretty busy as of late, getting our E-commerce up and rolled out, and building beautiful website for clients.

We started a website promotion back in the fall, and we have had some really great reception with it, and have decided to extend it!  With the promotion, we are building out client’s websites for FREE with a hosting subscription.  Clients can customize any one of our dozens of themes, integrate social media, make it completely mobile friendly, and organize their content simply and easily!

We’d like to spotlight one of our promotional websites every week, so you all can get a glance at what our awesome themes are capable of!

Website Today: Audio Grenade

Our client Chris, came to us hoping to get his vibration speakers out to the masses.  He wanted something appealing to those who enjoy music, but also something clean and professional…enter the ‘Tech Two’ theme.


Chris wanted his website to match his logo, and also have that mechanical-feel to match the vibration speakers.   He of course, wanted to incorporate a video, to demonstrate what the Audio Grenade can do.  We added a rotating carousel to show how versatile the use of speaker was.  And we incorporated a blogging feature so he could let people know of the latest and greatest news!


Both he and SquareHook were very pleased with the way this site turned out!

To check out any of our beautiful themes, click HERE