Since beginning our website promotion back in the fall, we have had some really great reception, so we have decided to continue doing it for those who want a beautiful website that looks killer on mobile!  With a hosting subscription, we’re building out client’s websites for FREE in the promotion.  Clients can customize any one of our dozens of themes, integrate social media, make it completely mobile-friendly, and organize their content simply and easily!

Website Spotlight: Late Night Shuttles

Our lovely client Jen, was looking for something really simple but with a little funk to it.  She didn’t want too much going on, because her main focus was to make sure everything was very clear to her clients on mobile-people looking for a safe ride, after a night out….enter YOKO Theme.


We worked with her to incorporate a calendar of local events and incorporating the Club Habits logos in the footer.


This site certainly looks great on a smart phone-which was so key for this website.  It was a really quick turn around, less than 1 week.  Plus, Jen has been able to edit and maintain her site since, if there are new events and happening with Late Night Shuttles.

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