We had a way cool customer come to us to create a fun, but professional website.  He focuses on painting and epoxy.  He told us straight up that he didn’t know a lot about computers, and trusted us with the vision and design concept.  Pro-V Painting owner Nick, showed us a competitor site that he loved and wanted to mirror some elements of it.  Looking at the competitor site, we knew that YOKO would be a an idyllic candidate for a base.

He wanted to pay for some custom details that no one else had, so our graphic designer presented Nick with several different Stock photo options and created a design to incorporate it in.  Our designer also created custom button links, so as to not rip of designs from the web (remember people: just because you found it online DOES NOT MEAN IT’S FREE!)

Nick wanted a form for people to apply for positions.  So we used our form builder that is easily customizable, so if he wants to add/omit changes-he can!  He also wanted to incorporate work gallery to showcase what services they provide.

We were really pleased with how Pro-V Painting turned out-lots of color (paint, hello!) and design.

If you want to checkout our themes, you can see what can begin your very own beautiful website.  And if you want to check out the promotion that Nick and Pro-V Painting took advantage of, click HERE. We’re up for any and all website challenges.