Some really rad people we met at Foundry Utah came to us with their business, and asked us to create a site that was as fun-loving and unique as their business.  We were completely stoked to help them out!

Jen and Ted have built their own food truck that offers a number of delicious poutine dishes.  They aren’t just selling poutine though.  They are selling a concept.  They wanted their site playful and fun, like their business idea, while being able to inform their followers of their whereabouts.

Poutine Your Mouth had a really fun and colorful logo that was our inspiration with the color palette for this site.  The PYM team provided us with great visuals that made it even easier to make this site good looking. We distressed the images and added screws to convey the mechanical home made nuts and bolts concept

Our graphic design team did some really images for the background.  They had some blueprints of their Poutine Food Truck that we incorporated that really brought in the mechanical design.  We threw in some fun accents to all their food shots as well.


We embedded their Google calendar, so Jen and Ted can add and remove events that their food truck will be at, so their followers can track them down for a bite.


And the best part? It’s mobile!  So their clients can find them on the go!  If someone has a hankering for some poutine, they just have to pull out their smart phone to know where Poutine Your Mouth is, and walk/drive there.

We’re so excited with the creativity and playfulness of Poutine Your Mouth!  Can’t wait to try some ourselves!

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