If you are breathing and are semi-tech savvy, you have probably heard the term ‘share it on a cloud’ at some point.  And some of you might be smiling politely, and saying, ‘oh yeah, I’ll totally share that with you on a cloud.’  But you may not know what it means.

Cloud storage is a network where data is stored in virtualized (operating systems, virtual hardware program, storage device, computer network etc) pools of storage.

It allows people the ability to share files without having to send large email attachments, trade a flash drive or cd full of files, share on Google drive, or send stuff via snail mail.  Files can become accessible on different devices outside of a workspace (you can login from the comfort of your home!) The cloud delivers convenience, where you can sync a number of devices like smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

You just set up an account, including your storage capacity, and get storing!

Here are some recommended Clouds you can use.  Some are free up to a point, and others cost for storage space, or work on a monthly subscription.  You can even continue to add additional space as your needs change.

File sharing is such a convenient way to access large files on the go, wherever you go!  So when the next person brings up the cloud, you’ll know what they’re talking about. 🙂