We were really excited when the City of Alpine came to us to convert their site onto our CMS tool.   They had some broken links we were able to retrieve, without too much issue, so no pertinent information was lost.

Their endgame was to:

  • Convert their existing site content and imagery
  • Upload important forms and documents
    Be able to edit content whenever they wanted
  • Record monthly minutes
  • Update the community of upcoming events/news

So we did all that for them! J  With some timely dedication from our team, we were able to get their site converted, with about the same look and feel as their existing site, with some additional improvements in about a week!  We immediately went to Alpine to train some of their city staff, so they could maintain the site themselves.

We showed them how easy it is to upload your own files and link them throughout the site.


We created a custom ticker, that they can update daily, informing the city of relevant event dates and times.


We incorporated a carousel for the home page that showcased beautiful scenes around Alpine, so while users peruse the homepage, they can be informed of local sites.


For Alpine City’s Alphabet Guide, we used anchor tags on categories, so people can search topics seamlessly.


In our humble opinion, the best feature about their site is that they can edit their site whenever.  They can notify the City of Alpine of breaking news IMMEDIATELY, without having to go through developer channels to get information to their citizens. Alpine City employees can edit pages and keep them hidden until they are ready to make those pages viewable.

We are so proud of the changes they have made to their site, and this site overall!  To have the freedom to make changes on their own is the best feature we have to offer our clients with our CMS tool.

If you are looking to upgrade your site or start from scratch, we can help.  Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our services.