When the owner of Dawson Development contacted us, their site was down, and they only had images of their old site to work with.

They knew what look and feel they were going for, and what elements they wanted on their website, to showcase their company.  We knew that one of our latest themes, MEASURE would be a great option for them to start with!

To match their old website, we added a red background image to compliment their logo, and styled the text boxes so it would really pop.

We thought a rotating banner would really compliment what their company was about so we added three banners with images and text.

Adding a banner to any banner-themes is easy.  Just select the APPEARANCE button under the editor and select the banner link:

Under your banner, there will be a small cloud icon.  Select it to upload an image to your banner.

Once you have added an image, be sure to fill in the appropriate information, including a title or brief description, if you’d like.

The BEST feature about our banner tool, is that as your imagery library changes, so can you banners, with just a few quick steps!

Dawson Development also wanted to showcase their work for clients.  So we incorporated our Portfolio feature.  They can add all the images they want with our gallery, and categorize them so they can have an interactive search.

We entered in custom SEO descriptions, so they are more easily found online.  Our team was really pleased with the final product…we ended up recreating their partnering company Advanced Steel Buildings  website as well!

It certainly demonstrates how just a few color changes and imagery can create 2 different sites.

If you or anyone you know is looking to upgrade their site, contact us!