There are so many free tools available to you to use through Google that can be not only helpful to you, but to your business as well! We wanted to share just a few that we use and love!

Google Webmaster Tools

This tool is spectacular!  You can track the health of your website and the traffic.

  • You can make optimizations to improve your place with Google.
  • You can see how your site visitors are interpreting your site, by tracking your traffic.
  • You can monitor potential issues Google has found.

Check it out HERE

Google Fonts

You can snag some open source web fonts for you to use commercially or privately.  There are over 600 font families available to you.  You can filter down your font search too!

Google Correlate

Check out search trends over time.  Type in a search term and see the search of that term over time. There is a pretty sweet feature where you can draw graphs that reflect your search results.

Google Trends

This is a great tool to browse strong searches.  You can browse by date or you can search based on category.  You can also track a trend over time and geographic location.

Full Value of Mobile

This is a helpful tool for businesses.   It will calculate how much mobile is affecting you.  It will help analyze how users and customers interact with different aspects of your business, like mobile search to calls from your site.

Get Your Business Online

This is a neat tool that gets local businesses on the web, to boost the local economy and help young and small businesses grow. This tool helps get businesses online, and lists local lessons and events.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding these recommendations, we’re happy to help!