As we are constantly updating our feature list on our website, we have a lot of new secrets to making your site the best it can be!


Our team has put together an all inclusive help book to assist you in your website creation journey.   HERE you can learn everything there is to know about adding images, content, hyperlinks, duplicating pages, adding videos, embedding or creating a blog from scratch!  It is a great supplemental tool to assist anyone when they may be stuck.

And, as always, our help website is here as a supplemental tool for you as well.

As our tool changes, so will both the help site, and our help book.  But if you have immediate questions while you are playing around on the SquareHook Tool, contact us-you can email us, send feedback on the green button on the left of the SquareHook Editor, or just give us a call at 801-386-9828.

Happy Creating!