Our clients over at Utah Pain Relief Institute had a fun challenge for us.  Their vision of what they wanted their site to look like was truly a test of what our tool can do! They wanted a certain look and feel that could be converted into a website that looked great on a mobile device.

We added a sidebar drop down as their secondary navigation to the left, so the background images could be showed off, and make the user experience a little easier to navigate.  We also incorporated images into the background.

Editing the site is easy with our column row editor.  You can select the arrows to move right or left of up or down.  It is a great way to quickly move your content and imagery around to where you’d like it.



They have a number of locations, so laying it out in our editor was easy.  The team over at UPRI can edit their contact page whenever-if they every have to add a new location, or tweak an address if they moved locations.  They of course, have a form they created on their tool so they can receive inquiries from curious site visitors.

Their site looks super great on mobile as well, with a unique right aligned menu.  We’re really pleased with the end site we created for this medical practice.

If you’re interested in giving your website a little face lift, we’re up for the task!  Contact us to see what we can do for you!  Or get started today, building your own amazing mobile website!