Our SquareHook tool is awesome!  We have a killer FREE feature that allows our clients to put in their own SEO, and customize any and every webpage they have—making it easier for website visitors to find you!

Check out our brief How-To video HERE

Under the PAGE SETTINGS, you can adjust your SEO settings.  You can populate Focus Keywords, and add a meta description.  A meta description is a brief synopsis of what you would find on that specific web page.


A search engine will recognize and display these explanations, and reward you for customizing your site with more details=higher rankings=more people find your site easier!

We also have a nifty function where you can add an image Alt Tag to any image found on your site. Which again, is a benefit to your website and your rankings.


Once you have built out your site, you can go in and set up you free SEO in your SquareHook website.

You’re Welcome!

Stay tuned for more basic how-to features we offer!