One of our latest themes, GOTHAM is a huge hit amongst our clients and SH website builders.


One of our clients, Missy from Mister Duo built their site out some time ago, but when the Gotham theme became available, they were all over it!


Their site had standard pages, like most any other website, an About Us page, Services page, and Contact page.  But there were a couple pages that added greatly to their site, that aren’t standard on all websites.

We helped Missy integrate a Google Calendar into their Events page. This is a super convenient element for people notifying the public of events and happenings.  In Google Calendar, there is a section where you can embed your calendar directly there.  You can take that code and put it into an HTML box in our tool.image

Missy just has to update her personal Google calendar, and the calender on her website updates automatically because it is synced.


They also wanted to make demo songs available to potential clients.  Not an issue with our tool!  They just needed to add files and then copy the URL that created, to link the demo.

They can add HMTL squares easily, editing the URLs to easily populate a list of demo songs that people can play whenever they wanted!

The final result?  A beautiful page with their MP3s:

This site had a couple upgrades, but with those additions, it’s as if MisteR has a completely different website.  The mobile functionality is great.  People checking our their website while attending their show IS possible because their site is responsive!

For all you musicians out there, we make promoting your website easy! If you are building a website with SquareHook, and are looking for tips to add extra fun features to your website contact us at 801-386-9828.