Everyone has access to the Internet, right?  But what about Intranet?  Wait….there’s a difference?  We can all agree that the names should have been slightly different, as to not confuse the masses, but what are you gonna do?

Let’s explain first, what an Intranet is.  It is a network belonging specifically to an organization or company, that is only accessible by it’s internal employees, members, or other administration.  It can look just like any ol’ website, but it has a security surrounding it, protecting others from accessing it.  So let’s say, your company has a website, but there is a special area you can log into, where you can access your pay stubs, company policies, etc–that is an INTRANET.

Intranets are great because you’re able to share information amongst a certain group (like a company).  Oh, and it is more secure. That’s always nice.

We just recently built this into our tool, for larger businesses that really need it for their company and employees.


You can customize a page, as to whether or not a certain role can access it or not. You can assign users (employees for example) to a role, like HR, Admin, or Employee.


What’s different from using SquareHook for an Intranet vs using a home grown internet?  Our tool is ready to go.  You can create your companies intranet and be up and running now.  You can control access and build your intranet with all the power of a content management system.  You can also customize and adjust information, charts, table and communication without a programmer.

In addition to an company intranet, you can have a customer intranet.  With our e-commerce engine you can even create a unique shopping experience for customers.  You can provide a platform for discounts easily.

Basically, we’re saying if you’re looking for a functionality custom to your company/work, we have a fabulous solution for you!  Contact us if you’d like to learn more about customizing your website!