Are you currently building websites using some other web builder? Are you a college student wanting to earn some side money/experience while going to school? Or are you simply interested in learning how to build websites?

SquareHook is looking for people just like you.  We want teach you how to become experts with our SquareHook website building tool and then we want you to go out and make money using it. Take part in our FREE 10-Week SquareHook Training Course and we’ll give you Adobe Suite for FREE!


The class starts in January.  Spread the word. At the SquareHook Website Builder Training You’ll Get:

  • One on One training
  • Group Training
  • Video Training
  • Whatever kind of training you need to feel comfortable with the tool
  • Adobe Suite for FREE
  • Lots of website creation knowledge

You make money when you use our tool! If you build a website on our tool for your client, we’ll pay you!  And when you complete our free training course you will even be entered to win a FREE Surface computer!  Kind of a sweet gig, right?  We agree!  We want everyone using our tool!

Contact us with further questions!