An up and coming author here in Utah put together their website using SquareHook last year.  RuthAnne Snow wanted her site really basic, with a little teaser for her book.

When GOTHAM was released, RuthAnne decided to switch up her CLEAN CANVAS Theme for one of our latest templates.  She played around with her colors in the designer to find a look she was into.

We helped her add some fun icons to make her navigation more fun/self explanatory, and viola!

Because RuthAnne had a blog LONG before she created a website, she integrated her Blogspot blog…because guess what?  You can do that on our tool.  And it looks flawless!  She can keep on blogging on Blogspot as she has done for the last 4 years, and whenever she adds a new post, it will automatically update into her website. That’s pretty neat.

Her site has a new fresh face for 2015, when her book will be released -talk about perfect timing!  And her site is so much fun on a smart phone.

If you want to switch out one template for another one, you can easily do it in the DESIGNER section in our editor. Here’s some step by step help for you to follow if you’d like. 🙂  Or, as always, contact us!  We’d love to walk you through giving your site a new look for the new year!