2014 has been our best year yet, here at SquareHook!  As we have grown and expanded, so has our reputation and product offering.

We have been working away, you may say comparable to Santa’s Workshop elves.  We have been GOING!  We have added tons of incredible features to the tool this year.  We can’t even believe how much we’ve improved the SquareHook CMS in just one year.

We wanted to share with you some of our product highlights, and features that have grown and expanded over this year!


Our team has been hard at work testing, developing, and testing some more to get our eCommerce piece out there to the masses this year. We’ve seen many incredible SquareHook stores’ traffic explode as shoppers flock to their online stores already.  What does the creation of our new eCommerce mean to you, our SquareHook clients?

  • You can easily add an unlimited number of products with different variations, depending on what you’re store is offering.
  • Our website builder has it all—do it yourself capabilities, along with the eCommerce functionality.
  • Your site visitors have an even easier shopping experience-both on desktop, and more importantly, on mobile!
  • You will save money on payment processing, by avoiding some expensive processing companies out there.  We have a number of different payment processing options for you to choose from!

HELP Book and New HELP Videos

As we are constantly updating our feature list on our website, we have a lot of new secrets to making your site the best it can be!

Our team has put together an all inclusive help book to assist you in your website creation journey.  In it, you can learn everything there is to know about adding images, content, hyperlinks, duplicating pages, adding videos, embedding or creating a blog from scratch!  It is a great supplemental tool to assist anyone when they may be stuck.

And, as always, our help website is here as a supplemental tool for you as well.    We’ve also had to remake our How-To videos to make it easier for our clients to follow along while they build their website.


We just recently built this into our tool, for larger businesses that really need it for their company and employees. With our Intranet, you can customize a page, as to whether or not a certain role can access it or not. You can assign users (employees for example) to a role, like HR, Admin, or Employee.

What’s different from using SquareHook for an Intranet vs using a home grown internet?  Our tool is ready to go.  You can create your companies intranet and be up and running now.  You can control access and build your intranet with all the power of a content management system.  You can also customize and adjust information, charts, table and communication without a programmer.

In addition to an company intranet, you can have a customer intranet.  With our e-commerce engine you can even create a unique shopping experience for customers.  You can provide a platform for discounts easily.


Earlier this year we added SEO customization under Page Settings in the Editor.  Clients can easily add Focus Keywords, SEO Titles, and meta descriptions for EVERY page within your website.  We added a new Alt Tag functionality you can add to your images….all of it improve your SEO search!  You’re welcome.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!  We are excited to see what 2015 has in store!!