One of our latest websites was sure fun and quick to throw together.  Susan recently joined our most awesome new 10-Week Training Course.  She was also putting together a website for a client, musician Andru Markel.  Susan had some questions about putting the site together, and as always, we are super happy to help!  Andru needed a sleak site to show off his talent, and we think we assisted in delivery!


They were hoping to get a large picture of Andru on the main page, and what better theme to use than Chakra Dark?


Susan wanted to keep this simple pretty straight forward–show off the handsome Andru, share his music, and make it available to get his first album online.   We had this!


We incorporated a video channel, by integrating a smidgen of code, and ripping his YouTube Channel link.  So when Andru or his team uploaded a new video to YouTube, his website will automatically adjust with the changes.

Our eCommerce tool was a fantastic way to get his album up for purchase.  While he continues to produce music and memorabilia, his team can continue to easily add products to his store.

We certainly believe this site is a great one to represent the taste and maturity he is offering the music world. And if he music style changes over time, so can his site.

If you’re building a website, and looking for some direction, we can help!  Contact us for assistance or free training.  We love to make website dreams come true!