Remember the phrase ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid!’?  We sure do..and for that very reason we want to briefly talk about what you’re hoping to accomplish with a website.

The hardest thing for most new businesses is realizing what they want to tell potential customers?  Do you want to illustrate your business through visuals?  Do you want to just let people know your business operational hours and contact information?  Do you want to list prices and add descriptions so customers can be ready when they hit your brick and mortar location?  Do you have no brick and mortar location, so you want them to act directly on your website?

We always recommend our customers go back to elementary school and think of the WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY when outlining the structure of their website.  Do you need them all in your website?  No, perhaps not.  But it sure does help people know what your business does, where you’re located, how and when to get a hold of you, and why they should patron you over the competition–in just a few quick mouse clicks/finger swipes.

REMEMBER: If it is hard for people to get access to what they’re looking for, they will go look for it elsewhere!

One of our clients August Endeavor recently put together a fantastic website that is super simple-but absolutely attractive and straight to the point!  Thanks to our designer, of course!

If you’re starting to put together your website, or are looking for some recommendations or tips, we are absolutely here to help!  Contact us 801-386-9828 to get a hold of one of our website masters!