Our great friends over at Sport Court LA began working with a super talented landscape architect to offer even more fantastic services to showcase their Sport Court….so they OBVIOUSLY needed a website that let people know of their availability for their clients. California SportScapes wanted something put together immediately-especially with summer just around the corner!  They wanted clean, and easy to navigate….FLATTERN THEME it is!

Their About Us page featured their fantastic Landscape Architect, Taryn.  They wanted to keep it simple, with a bio and contact information for her. Our text editor allows website creators the ability to hyperlink to emails or other websites.

They of course, had to show off their awesome client work gallery, so we incorporated a Portfolio page to showcase their courts and putting green designs. As they complete more projects, they can easily add their imagery to their work gallery, to give potential clients more samples of their lovely landscape work.

They kept their contact page simple and to the point.  SportScapes wanted to keep their contact form basic and to the point, so their landscape architect team could reach out to inquiring customers to chat with them further.

Overall, we’re really pleased with the speed we put this site together for California SportScapes, but we’re even more pumped that their team can easily edit their site at their leisure.  Not only that, but their site is mobile friendly, so they can share client work while meeting with clients on location.  YEAH FOR MOBILE!

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