We found this pretty sweet infographic from Pixaal.  We thought it was totally appropriate!

SquareHook constantly meets great customers who come to us in need of a new website or web redesign.  Their intentions are to quickly get a site up. YEAH!  But they get stuck on visuals, content, navigation, SEO, and a smattering of other items they may not have even considered. BOO!

These 26 bullets are absolutely important to think about….they can help you more easily forge your new website.  So before you quickly act, stop.  Think about what you’re creating and for who…figure out what your call to action will be, what kind of look you want to achieve, then let a designer know (if you’re going that route) or start outlining how you’re going to create that site yourself.

We have a very knowledgeable staff that is here to help basically 24/7 to get your site how you’d like it.  Contact us for some free advice 801-386-9828.  We’d love to help you figure out your vision!