A local client needed a mini website update.  Their previous site hadn’t been updated in years, and it certainly wasn’t mobile friendly.  Tooele Title Company didn’t have a lot of needs, they just needed something they could easily manage.

We kept it simple for them.  WHARTON seemed like an appropriate fit for them. We integrated a FB widget, so their social media would automatically update as they adjusted their Facebook page.

Tooele Title had a couple important links that they so helpfully provide for their clients.  We added a basic table to their Useful Links page to make it easier for people to look around and access that information.

Our slick blogging feature allowed us to integrate their already existing Blogger blog, so they don’t have to lose their existing blogposts on their Blog.

Tooele’s Title Company had several contacts they wanted to provide on the Contact Page. Using our tool, they could easily hyperlink directly to their employee’s emails.

They were stoked at the speed we converted their content over.  But guess what?  You can do it too!  And we are always available for free help! 🙂 Contact us if you’re looking for some assistance.  You don’t have to be a big business to have a strong website!