Machinery Consultants came to us in a panic.  Their site was seriously malfunctioning, and needed help rebuilding it-FAST!  Long story short, we swooped in to assist.  We knocked out a pretty sweet site for them that they can edit at their leisure.


Their top priority was to have their Used Machines page updated with their entire inventory. Luckily, our eCommerce feature made it easy us to put in their 70+ listed machines.  They could tag  the products, based on machine type or manufacturer.  We created a filtering feature that allowed users to narrow down their search.


On the individual product page, we embedded their YouTube videos and specs.  Anyone working in the eCommerce tool can add any number of tabs to differentiate the product.  The eCommerce feature also has a rotating carousel, where they can add as many images as they’d like.


Machinery Consultants wanted to add an image gallery of previously sold machines.  They can add in images at their leisure. Anyone could add a description of the product and users can select a picture to learn more.

They even integrated a blog to showcase their monthly specials.  That way, their clients can peruse easily before calling Machinery Consultants to discuss a machine.

Now their staff can continue to grow their site as their inventory grows, and remove products as they are sold. Awesome!

If you have a site that needs a quick re-haul, looking to build one from scratch, or do a site conversion-we are your source! We love to offer free help to those independent site builder too!  Contact us for help!