We recently developed a back-end for Industrial Pipe and Welding using a combination of SquareHook’s Intranet tool, Knack, and good ole’ JavaScript, HTML, & CSS. Here’s a bit more about our work for them.

What did they need?

IPW went with us for their front end website and chose us to handle their back end as well.
Like many businesses we deal with, IPW relies heavily on efficiently and accurately handled data. They were relying on Excel and traditional office workflows to handle their data and decided they wanted something better. IPW needed a back end that could handle all their data needs. Basically, an interactive web application that can handle things like compliance tracking, employee time sheets, and job summaries for billing.

We made it Easy

The traditional approach to custom back ends involves hiring a team of developers to build something out. They’ll need to set up web server, set up a database, set up a website framework and then work for hours and hours to make it work. We decided to make it easy. We used the SquareHook tool to easily build the website and put it on the web. No laborious server configuration. We used Knack for our database. Everything was set up for us. No tedious database configuration. Since we were able to set up all our framework in under a day, we had more time to spend developing the features and functionality that IPW actually cared about!

Custom Database App

Knack makes database apps easy. We can build things out quickly by using common software development patterns. We don’t need to waste time coding tables. Knack handles that for us. We don’t spend hours writing code for forms. Knack lets us set them up in minutes.


Interested in a Custom Back End?

We’ve got you covered. SquareHook Intranet. Contact us if you’re interested in getting something going!

Article written by one of our rad programming pros, Hayden Shelton, who also built out this sweet custom back end.