We had a serious pleasure working with the team over at EventLab.  Doug and Danny have been visionaries for decades, and they brought their creativity to their new site. We love clients with vision!

They had a great video made by their friends from Cornerstone in place of a scrolling banner.  EventLab wanted scrolling words that represented their business, to let their site visitors know what they were about.

The EventLab Team was very intentional with their color choice.  They kept imagery and font very clean and simple.  They obviously had incredible visuals that accentuates their contemporary site.

They didn’t want to overwhelm their readers with too much content, so we made their talking points accordion down if site visitors scrolled over the service icons. It definitely kept their home page more clean and easy to maneuver.

EventLab has an ever growing gallery of gorgeous work. They can continue to add their imagery into their gallery, and rearrange the order as their projects come to fruition.

Their potential clients could click on any of the images to get a much grander shot of their work and continue to scroll through the gallery. Because, let’s face it, their images are too beautiful to not show off!

EventLab was very conscious about having their clients contact them if they had questions.  So they had a contact-us feature readily available. The home page has a call to action to be contacted.  We also built out a phone icon on all pages, that when scrolled over their phone number populates.  So there is no question how to contact them.

This site is, as all of our sites are, completely mobile. When Doug and Danny are meeting with a potential client, they can pull up their phone to talk about their work, or reference something directly.

We hope they are as happy as this site is beautiful!  We love working with clients who have big ideas and visuals to support it. If you are looking to create an incredible site, we are ready to morph your dreams into reality!  Contact our team at any time.