Our development team has been working over the last year on a WordPress hosting platform that could be really beneficial to you WordPress clients out there. It includes: 

– A load balanced environment. Each server is on 2 or more servers for high availability and uptime.
– We provide Database management. We provide backups of their WordPress database automatically, taking snapshots every 12 hours and trailing the transactions in between.
– 1-2 hours of development on site (updating widgets and plugins, etc)
– Our hosting also provides File backup. We utilize Git to keep copies and changes to their site files
– We offer SSL through CloudFlare, which is also included. (So that can save up to $300-500 annually) 
– CDN (Content Delivery Network) is also built in.
– And finally, we offer DoS prevention in the hosting plan. We are actively monitoring for DoS attacks and have automated tools to block attacks.

If you’re considering a better hosting solution, contact us! Click here to learn more about our our WP hosting features.