DDOS Attack

Recently, we have had several new clients come over to the SquareHook tool while dealing with a DDOS Attack.  For those of you who may not know what that is, we’re here to enlighten you!

A DDOS, or distributed denial-of-service attack is when a website is temporarily down /interrupted by a host through the Internet. There is occasionally someone out there that purposefully does damage to a website or server.  An attacker tells computers to contact a certain server/website repeatedly.  The new flow of traffic can confuse or shutdown a legitimate website in the process. 

Talk about inconvenient!  If someone who was trying to access your website during a ddos attack and hits your site, they may think that something was broken or perhaps your company is out of commission.   That is not good for business.

SquareHook takes actions to protect our clients by masking the IP address of the server with a firewall that rejects automated attacks, protecting the end point of the server and flagging the attack across all sites, not just theirs.

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