We have been giddy to get the City of Rupert’s new site live. Rupert’s site is legit stunning! Why is it such a stunner? Well, look at the bird’s eye view of the city in their awesome video embedded as a banner. People love visuals, and this certainly showcases their city in the BEST way!

A stationary navigation makes maneuvering around the website super easy. The clean color pallet certainly makes the site straightforward and easy to consume, from a visitor’s perspective.

Rupert Work Live Play

Their home page features guides you to their most frequently requested pages and answers a lot of questions right off the bat. We love that their staff can easily add in new city minutes and agendas, without having to ask a developers help. Or add a new business spotlight if they wanted. But you know what? They can ask us whenever, if they did need help adding content to their site.

It is definitely our favorite site of 2021 so far! We know that if you’re thinking about visiting Rupert, their site sure makes it look like an enticing and charming visit. If you have any questions about your site, or would like our team to transform your site into something spectacular, contact us!