You may be asking, ‘Why should I have a Staging site?’ My site works just fine. Then again, you may not even know what a Staging site is. Well, we’re here to define it for you!

A Staging environment (stage) is basically a clone of a production environment (aka, your website) for software testing. Staging environments are typically used to testing codes, building out new stuff, and making updates–basically a safety net, in case you add a new widget or page to your site and something breaks, or something goes awry. If you do it in the Staging site, it doesn’t affect your LIVE SITE (production site) That is really the main goal-NOT TO BREAK YOUR LIVE SITE.

Doing this helps to ensure your production site is fine. What if you decided to make changes to your live site, and those new changes completely jacked up the look of your site. It may be down for hours or days until it gets resolved. We don’t want that! So in utilizing a staging site, you can make all the changes you want to your Staging site, test it-see if you like it…If it works for you, then you can deploy (or add) those changes to your lives site.

We are making big changes over here at SquareHook, and that includes making adjustments to our website. We are making the changes in our Staging environment, so not to affect our lovely site in the meantime. We thought it may be helpful to educate our readers on why Staging sites are beneficial.

If you’re thinking a Staging site could be a good call for you, contact us! We are happy to spin up a new staging environment for you, so we can make those appropriate changes to your site.