Advanced Cloud Services

Let us help you manage data in an easier way that allows you to scale and adapt as your business needs change. We assist in managing applications quicker with more security.


Cloud Services We Offer

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

We can assist you with automated deployments that follow the right pattern to ensure success. Let us help you press a button to deploy, as often as you like. Helping you bring new features to clients quicker, and more often. Reduce risk with much shorter sprints and changes to production.

Load Testing

Let us test out how your infrastructure handles a set number of requests. These requests simulate real traffic to your site, and this ensures you can handle the kind of traffic with the right size of infrastructure. We then crawl your site and test all the features,  giving back response codes of these features. These automated tests make sure all the features and links work for your site.

Secure Audits

We can do security audits for your cloud infrastructure. We prepare custom recommendations on best practices and specific actions based on your environment to reduce your security risk.

Cost Control Audits

We provide evaluations on all aspects of your environment and provide a custom report of ways for you to save money and reduce your monthly costs.

Cloud Migration

Modernize your IT by migrating your site or systems to the cloud. Experience reduced costs and smaller downtimes.

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