Lifebridge Therapy

We Cloned a Site, and Customized it to Fit the Client’s Needs!

We are so flattered when we have a repeat customer. It tells us that they are really happy with their site/our services, so they want to come back for more! And to those clients that keep coming back, we say Thank You! The owners of Life Bridge Kids came to us to build a site similar to their child psychiatric practice website, but this time have the new site catered to adults.

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We Made Graphics to Customize the Hallenburg Communications Website

A friend of ours came to us, wanting to create a website that truly showcased her talents.  Kari Hallenburg has over 30 years of professional writing, editing, and project management experience.

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Fonts, from a professional Graphic Designer’s perspective.

Early on in my graphic design career, I was designing items for the static end.  I rarely had to consider fonts.  The only thing that mattered was having the font on the computer in front of me, and my worry would stop there.  Along the way, I’ve learned there is a lot more to consider when it comes to fonts.

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