Hardline Excavation

Starting Out Small With a Landing Page

We know businesses that have been around for decades without having a website. But to really thrive in this business world, these days, you need to have some sort of online presence. Starting small with social media (Facebook, Google Plus, etc) is a great, free option.

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How Does Social Media Affect Your Web Presence?

I have a proposition for you… Go to any crowded place, a restaurant, coffee-shop, shopping mall or the public library. Now, I am not
encouraging you to stare, but just glance at the people around you? What do you see them doing?

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Is a Facebook Page Enough?

As a salesperson at a web design firm, I sometimes hear from people that I am talking to about creating a website that “we already have a Facebook page and that’s enough.”  When I hear this I usually go and look at these FB pages and many times find that they are very well managed, lots of likes, and have great information and pictures.

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